Come with us and visit the largest and economically most important city of Guadeloupe and take part of the culture and daily life of the local inhabitants. During this trip we will visit some of the most lively and colorful markets in the center of Pointe-à-Pitre and will experience an important part of local life here on the island.

The activity around the Place de la Victoire, the central square in Pointe-a-Pitre, is intense. Local fishermen and Madras-dressed women selling vegetables and domestic products jostle for space around the harbor. The fishing boats arrive here early in the morning to sell the catches of the day and to just stroll around and observe and be amazed of the variety of unique, colorful small or big fish, is just a pleasure itself. From the harbor, it is close to the famous spice market and from here the distance is small to the real center of the city where everything from jewelry and shoes to typical Guadeloupian fabrics are on sale. There are surely something you will find worth buying to bring back home.

In addition to the colourful markets the houses in classical colonial style is worth seeing. In all its antiquated splendor, they have lived through decades of severe weather, hurricanes and earthquakes. Off course you will be given time to stroll around on your own.

The trip includes transportation and a Langley guide. Do not forget to bring money and a camera, but before you take pictures of the local characters, remember to politely ask if they are willing to pose as your fashion model!


  • Explore the culture of Guadeloupe
  • Excellent opportunity to bargain souvenirs
  • Experience Point-a-Pitre

Info: Meeting point at the reception, sign up latest 12:00 the day before

Language: English / French

What to bring: Water, cash, camera/phone 

Included: Transport 

Days:  Thursday

Time:  09.00 - 13.30

Apporoximate time:  4,5 hours

Price:  € 35